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Why a Travel Agent is Essential to Planning a Family Vacation

The Benefits of Working with a Travel Agent to Customize a Multi-Generation Trip

Being a parent is a tough gig—juggling the events and responsibilities of your day-to-day life with the constant care and concern for your little ones is an endeavor of herculean proportions. Planning a family vacation is more of the same, especially if you factor in the variables associated with multi-generational vacations. Juggling parenthood, the well-intentioned grandparents and the rigors of travel can be akin to an obstacle-course reality TV show. Unless, of course, you lighten the load with an extra set of hands. No, no, not more extended family—professional hands.

From start to finish, trusting your family vacation to a travel professional proves to be the break from responsibilities you never knew you needed. Besides the obvious benefit of not having to stress about plotting a globe-trotting itinerary for a party spanning the age spectrum, the joys of working with a travel agent manifest in a myriad of ways. For a preliminary idea of how, here are a few examples of how it pays to have helping hands with your family vacation.

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Stress-free Planning - Consult a travel agent to avoid the stress of planning your next family vacation while you contemplate fun excursions with the kids.

Something for Everyone, Easily Found

If the responsibility of vetting a destination fell on your shoulders, you’d find it was far easier said than done. Narrowing down the options to be a destination with family-friendly atmosphere and a resort with inter-connecting rooms, finding somewhere with both a top-notch adults-only pool and prime kid’s club are all pretty small targets to hit—finding somewhere that checks all the boxes is difficulty compounded. That’s not even mentioning what the grandparents would like out of a vacation. 

This burden is alleviated the moment you first speak with an agent. With a series of targeted questions, your agent will immediately begin building a rapport regarding what’s best for your family. As this conversation unfolds, they’re already mentally considering and crossing out options. Don’t be surprised if by the end of the first phone call they have a list of possible ideas for you that check all of your boxes.

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check all the boxes - A travel agent can help you find family-friendly accommodations - including adjoining rooms, an adults-only pool, a kid's club - to make your family vacation fun for everyone! 

Tried-and-True Insights

The more curious (or cynical) parents might be pondering the following: “how do travel agents exclusively know all this? We have access to the same Google, after all.” Maybe so, but besides the years of professional expertise cultivated through research and personal customer reviews (all the more reason to maintain a solid rapport with your travel agent), the agents themselves will often “test-drive” a resort or cruise ship for the sake of knowing the intricacies of what they’re recommending. Rest easy that if your travel agent is recommending it, then, most likely, they personally know it makes the grade.

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world travelers - Travel agents have years of experience which include traveling the world to test drive dozens of resorts and cruise ships. So if they recommend it, then you know it's made the grade.  

What Really Matters

With so much focus on how a travel agent can help, it can be easy to lose sight of why having a travel agent help is worth it. The less you have to worry about planning and execution of travel, the more you can focus on what really matters—savoring the moments with your loved ones. Between the peace of mind knowing that your travel agent is on-top of flight delays the second they happen, and the inner peace you’ll feel finally enjoying your time with your kids away from the everyday, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get help with your vacations in the first place.

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Quality Family time - Vacations have their peace of mind knowing that a travel agent has taken care of all the important trip details. That means parents get to enjoy more quality time with each and their children.