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4 Family-Friendly International Destinations

Travel Abroad with Your Children to These Fun Places

Your life used to be filled with non-stop travel adventures to Italy, Australia and Africa. You’ve slacked off a little, but now, you feel inspired to see more of the world. Except for one thing… you have kids now.

Many people believe that taking their kids or grandkids along with them on a trip just isn’t a viable option, especially if it’s an international trip. Hey… wait a minute! That’s just not true. Parents can still enjoy the luxury of traveling abroad with children, and here are four international experiences you should add to your family travel to-do list.

Explore the Great Outdoors of Eco-Friendly Costa Rica

Great things come in small countries, as anyone who visits Costa Rica will clearly see. When exploring this eco-friendly country, your choices include up-close encounters with sea turtles, exotic birds and sloths; outrageous adventures such as snorkeling, whitewater rafting and zip-lining; and of course, chilling on the beach and hiking through rainforests. And it’s all at a modest price. Your family will appreciate the friendly locals and enjoy a variety of things to do and see, including a fun day of hiking at Arenal Volcano National Park! This Central American nation is perfect for families who enjoy outdoor adventure.

Let a Vacation travel agent help plan your next family vacation to go zip lining in Costa Rica.
 Costa Rica: Let your kids explore this eco-friendly country through an array of outdoor experiences, including an unforgettable zip-lining tour.

Get Cultured on a Baltic Cruise in Scandinavia

If you’re looking for a walkable city chock full of great museums, colorful parks, boat rides and enticing food – all wrapped up in a gorgeous, fairy tale setting – look no further than Scandinavia’s four capitals: Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki. The best way to experience them all in one unforgettable family adventure on a Baltic cruise, and Vacation’s travel agents will know which cruise lines really know how to cater to families traveling with children.

Take a family cruise through Scandinavia, including Bergen, Norway, with help from a Vacation travel agent.
Scandinavia: Embark on a family cruise to allow your children the opportunity to explore the region's major cities and quaint small towns, such as Bergen, Norway.

Pack Your Bags for an Exotic Experience in Thailand

 This southeast Asian country doesn’t stand out as an obvious family-friendly destination. But here’s why it should: elephant rides, endless beaches, friendly monkeys and awe-inspiring ancient temples. Thailand is a magical place kids of all ages can enjoy. And the best part of your unforgettable experience here will be the people. Although children may be unnerved by this exotic destination, the locals try their best to make them feel special like it’s a home away from home.

Plan a family trip to Thailand to ride an elephant with help from a Vacation travel agent.
Thailand: Ancient temples, friendly monkeys, endless beaches and elephant rides are all great experiences that await you and your family!

Experience the Ease of Staying at an All-Inclusive in Mexico or the Caribbean

Escape to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico or on an island in the Caribbean. It’s an easy and affordable way to experience the allure of an international destination with several resorts offering a variety of kid-friendly activities to keep your kids preoccupied. Spend your days at the resort, where your family will love giant waterparks and supervised kids’ programs. Or take an excursion into paradise, where you can dive into the Caribbean’s colorful culture or explore Mexico’s magical Mayan history.

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Spend your next vacay with your family at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico or the Caribbean, with help from a Vacation travel expert.
All-Inclusive Resort: Experience the affordable allure of an international destination and plan a family trip to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean or Mexico.