Chef Maneet Chauhan Flavors of Croatia Culinary Tour


Flavors of Croatia Culinary Tour with Chef Maneet Chauhan

  • Ideal Length:
    8 Days
  • Best Time To Go:
    May - June, September - October
  • Flight Time:
    LAX 13 Hours 35 Minutes, CHI 11 Hours, NYC-All Airports 10 Hours 15 Minutes
  • AVERAGE COST PER PERSON (Single occupancy; Airfare not included):
  • AVERAGE COST PER PERSON (Double occupancy; Airfare not included):


Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik1 Day
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  • Take in the Dalmatian breeze in your private transfer to the hotel.
  • Relax and recharge at the hotel before meeting your tour group.
  • Head to top of Srđ Mountain to watch the sun set over Dubrovnik.
  • Visit Konavle Valley for a delicious traditional Croatian dinner.
Arboretum, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Pelješac & Ston1 Day
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  • Take a scenic tour that includes oldest Arboretum in Europe.
  • Head to Pelješac to indulge in tasty Dalmatian treats.
  • Visit Ston, the second largest wall after China’s Great Wall.
  • Enjoy wine tasting and homemade dinner at a 700-year-old home.
Catch and Cook Lunch in Croatia
Dingac Wine Region1 Day
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  • Watch a local diver and fisherman hunt for delicious sea urchins and more.
  • After a swim in the Adriatic Sea, learn how to make two Dalmatian specialties.
  • Enjoy a sunset toast and gourmet dinner at the peninsula’s top winery.
Korcula, Croatia
Korcula1 Day
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  • Take a breathtaking guided tour of the beautiful island of Korcula.
  • Enjoy a wine-paired lunch prepared by one of Croatia’s top chefs.
  • Indulge in tasting locally-made jams, preserves, wines and pizza.
Mali Ston, Pelješac & Dubrovnik1 Day
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  • Visit Mali Ston to learn about traditional oyster farming.
  • Take a private tour and tasting at a top winery in Croatia.
  • Taste innovative dishes at a highly-recommended restaurant.
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik1 Day
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  • Stroll the streets of Old Town or paddle a kayak along the coast.
  • Learn how to make ancient filigree jewelry.
  • Explore Dubrovnik’s history and food on an immersive culinary tour.
Gypsy Table in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik1 Day
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  • Enjoy the first half of the day relaxing or exploring Dubrovnik.
  • Collaborative dinner experience with Croatia's top chefs and Maneet Chauhan.
Breakfast juice with Dubrovnik cityscape in the background.
Dubrovnik1 Day
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  • Enjoy a delightful breakfast before your departure to the airport.
Day 1 Welcome to Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik, Croatia
After landing at the Dubrovnik Airport, your private transfer will drive you to your 4- or 5-star hotel to relax before meeting the rest of the tour group during welcome cocktails. Next, you’ll watch the sun set over Dubrovnik from the top of Srđ Mountain, followed by a delicious Croatian dinner that will includes peka, a traditional Balkan dish.
private transfer
Private Transfer
Feel the warm Dalmatian breeze and sun on your face as the private transfer for your Captivating Croatia Tour greets you at the airport and takes you to a 4- or 5-star hotel, where you’ll have time to recharge and refresh before meeting the group.
Sunset over Dubrovnik
Sunset View Atop Srđ Mountain
After a welcome cocktail, the group will take a short trip to the top of Srđ Mountain for a spectacular view as the sun sets over Dubrovnik.
Peka Croatian Dish
Traditional Peka Dinner
Head to the Konavle Valley for dinner at a stone countryside house to experience Peka, the famed Balkan dish cooked under coals. It’s the perfect welcome to Croatia.
Day 2 Salt of the Earth
Arboretum, Croatia
Today, the tour group will embark on a scenic seaside drive with a stop and tour of the Arboretum, which includes “Game of Thrones “ filming locations. Guest will then head to Pelješac to sample local Dalmatian food before visiting Ston to see its sea salt pools and its famous attraction, the Walls of Ston. End the day with a decadent homemade dinner served at the homestead of Captivating Croatia Tour’s favorite winemakers.
Dalmatian appetizers
A Seaside Drive, The Arboretum and “Game of Thrones” Locations
Head out from Dubrovnik to enjoy a scenic drive with amazing seaside views along the entire route. Along the way, stop at the Arboretum, the oldest one in Europe, for a brief tour of the scenery and major filming locations for Game of Thrones fans. Before heading to Peljesac, indulge in specially prepared local light bites, a sampling of Dalmatian treats.
People throwing up salt at sea salt pool in Croatia.
See the Ston’s Famous Walls and Sea Salt Pools
Before arriving in one of Croatia’s most beautiful areas for wine sipping and stunning scenery, stop in historic Ston for a tour of the Ston Sea Salt Beds, the oldest still operational salt pools in the world. While others grab a cup of tasty local coffee, adventurous travelers can check out the Walls of Ston, the second longest wall in the world after China’s Great Wall.
Two men toasting during a wine tasting tour
Wine Tasting & Homemade Dinner
Refresh and recharge after settling into the hotel, and then gather as a group for a private wine tasting and homemade dinner with one of our favorite winemakers at their lovely 700-year-old homestead.

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Day 3 The Finest Things
Catch and Cook Lunch in Croatia
Get a once-in-a-lifetime experience to swim in the magical Adriatic Sea with a local diver and spear fisherman to help him catch seafood that will be transformed into tasty Dalmatian dishes, such as stewed octopus and black risotto. Afterwards, enjoy a tour and gourmet dinner at the peninsula’s top winery.
Chef Richard Gruica holding fresh fish
Unique Dive in the Dingac Wine Region
Venture through this wine region where you’ll join a local fisherman who doubles as a free diver and spear fisherman. Take a swim in the Adriatic Sea along with him as he demonstrate his craft and hunt for delicious sea urchin and other edible surprises. You'll enjoy this magical dip to explore the region’s coastline.
Stewed octopus
Create Dalmatian Specialties
After a dive, take your spoils from the sea to a leafy hidden gem to grill your catch and learn how to make two Dalmatian specialties, stewed octopus and black risotto. Enjoy a relaxing meal under the trees while sipping on wines produced by the area.
Winery tour and dinner
Winery Tour and Gourmet Dinner
After your meal and some free time, you’ll head to the peninsula’s top winery for a sunset toast of bubbly and enjoy an amazing wine tasting tour. Your day will conclude with a sumptuous degustation dinner at the winery’s gourmet restaurant followed by some star gazing.
Day 4 Crazy for Korcula
Korcula, Croatia
Start the day with a jaw-dropping guided tour of Korcula, a beautiful island located 30-minutes from the hotel. After exploring the city, one of Croatia’s top chefs will serve you a gourmet lunch made from the finest gastronomic products in the country. End the day sampling local jams, preserves and wines, culminating in a laid-back pizza dinner under the stars.
Narrow Street in Korcula, Croatia
Korcula Guided Tour
Take a guided tour of the beautiful island of Korcula, the ancestral home of merchant and explorer Marco Polo. Your adventure begins with an awe-inspiring stroll through city’s narrow streets.
Waiter serving gourmet food in Croatia
Lunch at Dimitri Lesic
Enjoy your wine-paired lunch at this world famous restaurant that showcases the fusion of the finest gastronomic products available in Croatia, prepared with the gourmet stylings of one of Croatia’s top chefs!
Pasta dish in Croatia
Taste Local Preserves, Wines and Pasta
Visit a residence that preserves ancient artisanal crafts, where you’ll also take part in an olive oil tasting and try their jams and preserves – all locally made! Guests will also experience a wine tasting at one of the island’s top wineries, featuring many indigenous varietals. End the day with a pizza-pasta meal under the stars.
Day 5 From Water to Wine
Today, the tour takes you to Mali Ston – known for its oysters and mussels – to learn about local oyster farming and production, followed by a delicious seafood lunch. During your final visit to Pelješac, get a private tour of one of the country’s top winemakers. And finally, sink your fork into a gourmet meal at Michelin-recommended Pantarul.
Oyster Farming and Production with Seafood Lunch
Head to Mali Ston, a seaside village known for its oysters and mussels. Enjoy a boat ride along the pristine waters, while you marvel at the famous walls and craggy mountains, where you’ll get an insider’s perspective of traditional oyster farming and production. This unique experience is followed by a delectable seafood lunch.
Man tasting wine
Pelješac Wine Tour and Tasting
Before leaving Palješac for the last time and returning to Dubrovnik, take a leisurely drive to the home of one of the top winemakers in Croatia for a private one-on-one tour and tasting.
Pantarul restaurant in Dubrovnik
Dine at Pantarul
Venture to Chef Richard Gruica’s favorite restaurant in Dubrovnik, the Michelin-recommended Pantarul, for a meal featuring local specialties prepared with a gourmet twist. And just in case you didn’t know, Pantarul means “fork” in the local dialect. And you’ll sink your fork into the tasty food served here!
Korcula, Croatia

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Day 6 The Pearl of the Adriatic
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Vacationers have the option to explore Dubrovnik by taking a stroll through Old Town, kayaking along the coast, or learning how to make ancient filigree jewelry. As a group, the tour continues with an immersive culinary tour – designed by Richard Gruica – which allows you to sample the local cuisine in addition to receiving a Dubrovnik history lesson.
Famous Old Town Walls in Dubrovnik
Explore Dubrovnik Your Way
Explore Dubrovnik the way you want! Walk along the famed walls of the Old Town, paddle a kayak along the coast of the city or take a class to learn how to make ancient filigree jewelry – a renowned practice in Dubrovnik.
Sights and Bites Tour
Sights & Bites Walking Tour
Prepare to embark on an amazing culinary tour designed by Chef Richard Gruica, founder of Captivating Croatia Tours. With an expert food and history guide, you’ll stroll through the city’s fairytale-like surroundings while tasting the local cuisine and learning about Dubrovnik’s rich history.
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Post-Tour Free Time
Enjoy some free time after the foodie tour to explore Dubrovnik further on your own or head back to the hotel for a little rest and relaxation.
Day 7 The Gypsy Table Awaits
Gypsy Table in Dubrovnik, Croatia
On your last full day in Croatia, you’ll enjoy the first half of the day relaxing or spending time exploring Dubrovnik. Rest up for an amazing evening at a pop-up dinner experience at an undisclosed location where Chef Richard Gruica, Chef Maneet Chauhan and the country's top chefs will serve a delicious blend of Croatian dishes.
Chef Maneet Chauhan
Experience a Pop-Up Dinner Project
Relax for the first half of day to prepare for a late evening. This tour culminates with the Gypsy Table, a pop-up dinner experience in a secret location. With help from Croatia's top chefs and Chef Maneet Chauhan, Chef Richard Gruica pays homage to his mother and blends the best of Croatia in a decadent feast. Enjoy your final night with amazing food, drink and ambience.
Day 8 Day of Departure
Breakfast juice with Dubrovnik cityscape in the background.
Your fun culinary tour has come to an end, but not before you eat a delicious breakfast while reconnecting with your tour group members before you leave for the airport.
Private transfer
Breakfast and Private Transfer to Airport
Guests will gather for breakfast at their own leisure before departing for the Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) via private transfer to the airport.
Dubrovnik, Croatia

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