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Top 6 Reasons for Family Travel

Why You Should Consider Planning a Family Vacation

Parents can come up with a variety of reasons for not planning family trips with their kids – from it not being financially feasible to just not having enough vacation time to the hassle of planning it. To experience a stress-free trip-planning process, one of Vacation’s expert travel agent can help you plan the ultimate family vacation so you don’t have to! And in case you’re still not sure about the real benefits of traveling with a baby and or kids, family travel pro Carrie Brandt, has six reasons why you should reconsider your decision.  

1. Allow You to Reconnect. From work to little league sports, families get caught up in regular routines. The daily grind of work, school, activities and too much screen time can leave you a little disconnected from one another. Vacation time with family provides quality time with those that mean the most to you and can also be a great way to create new memories together. 

2. Creates a Team. Often times at home, we are all working towards our own goals, such as a promotion at work for parents or the kids making the honor role. A family vacation pulls everyone together for the sole purpose of doing one thing… having fun!

3. Experience New Cultures. Sometimes parents forget that kids only know what’s inside their “bubble,” or what they surround them with at home. Think outside the box and consider taking your child on vacation to allow them to see and experience how other people live to broaden their view of the world. And kids love to see how other children live and play. 

4. Create Lifetime Memories. There is nothing better than creating those moments on a vacation that your family will remember for a lifetime. A family vacation is all about reconnecting and bonding through fun and or unique travel experiences. It’s hard to find one person who doesn’t have at least one fond memory traveling with family. And if you don’t, there’s no better time than the present!

5. Acquire Good Life Skills. Teaching your kids how to travel provides them with examples of real-life problem solving. Inevitably flights are delayed, hotels won’t be able to find your reservation or that tour you booked will be cancelled. Yes, an expert travel agent can help guide you through these unpredictable moments, but kids also learn best from how their parents handle these tense or stressful situations. Allowing your kids to experience these obstacles with you shows them how to quickly adapt. It’s an opportunity for parents to teach their children the importance of patience and how to be flexible in any given moment.

6. Bond Through Fun Experiences. Exploring ancient history, riding the subway for the first time, finding a hidden beach full of great shells, visiting Walt Disney World in Florida or tasting the best gelato in Italy – these are all fun travel experiences to be shared with family. From a family vacation to a theme park to an unforgettable family trip to Switzerland, you’ll have fun bonding with loved ones through customized itineraries, with help from one of Vacation’s expert travel agents.

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