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Maximize Rest & Relaxation on Your Vacation in Japan

Seeking Serenity in the Land of the Rising Sun

Known for their bustling cities, frenzied public transportation and the world’s longest workdays, it makes sense that the Japanese are also masters in recreation and relaxation. From the Japanese bodywork techniques of shiatsu massage to revolutionary breakthroughs in health and beauty, few live quite as well as the Japanese. This is a country with some of the world’s lowest crime rates and highest life expectancies. And although cities are certainly busy, citizens queue quietly for their turn to board the train. Public spaces are neat and orderly. People seem calm as can be. Is there something in the sake or what’s their secret? From communal spas to meditation and formal coursed meals, relaxation in Japan is a cultural ritual. Read on for three ways you can experience that signature sense of tranquility for yourself.

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Discover japan's Serene Activities

Visit the Spa

Perhaps the most popular means of relaxation in Japanese culture is visiting one of the country’s legendary outdoor baths, called onsen. These natural volcanic hot springs are rich in mineral content said to aid the body. Because these baths are clustered in volcanic areas, most onsen are typically located in small, hot-spring villages like Kusatsu, a popular day trip from Tokyo. At the center of this remote mountain village is a striking Yubatake, a series of wooden boxes which channel and cool nearly 1,500 gallons of steaming sulfuric water per minute. By the time the bubbling spring water is distributed to each of over 100 local onsen, it has cooled to the perfect balmy temperature for a soothing soak.

Kusatsu Hot Springs
kutsatsu hot springs

One of the best ways to enjoy onsen in luxury fashion is to spend a day at a ryokan. Framed in delicate sliding paper doors and tatami straw flooring, these traditional bathhouses are the archetypal Japanese experience. Upon arrival, you’ll likely be supplied with special house slippers to wear indoors and a yukata, or robe, to wear between the bath and the relaxing outdoor gardens. In Japan’s spa towns, it’s even common to see people wearing their yukata out in the village. Spend the day exploring immaculate gardens, reveling in treatments like shiatsu massage or acupuncture, and unwinding in a picturesque steaming bath for the ultimate relaxing day trip.

Japan Ryokan
Japanese ryokan

Take a Walking Tour

As the home of the most crowded city in the world, Japan often conjures images of packed train stations, swarming crosswalks and silos of humans crammed into capsule hotels. Not exactly illustrative of tranquility. However, what many tourists don’t realize is that these busy urban areas account for less than 20% of Japan’s geography; the majority is mountainous forest and verdant rolling countryside. The best way to soak up the scenery and escape the crowds is by walking tour or hike. 

Kumano Kudo
kumano kudo trail

Once reserved for emperors and samurai, the UNESCO-listed Kumano Kodo southwest of Kyoto fits the bill perfectly. A series of ancient pilgrimage routes that traverse the Kii Hanto peninsula of Japan, Kumano Kodo comprises hundreds of shrines and religious sites along seven distinct trails. Some are easily seen in an afternoon, while others are literal pilgrimages taking days. Nakahechia—a popular trail running from Tanabe City to Shingu—is a six-hour hike plunging deep into moss-carpeted cedar forest, punctuated by breathtaking mountain views, magical trickling streams, and three principle shrines—the finale of which is the striking vermillion pagoda of Kumano Nachi Taisha, backed by the prismatic mist of Japan’s highest waterfall. A hike to this incredible sight is guaranteed to invigorate your body, clear your mind and calm your soul.

Seiganto-ji Pagoda
seiganto-ji pagoda & Nachi no Taki Waterfall

Experience Kaiseki

Of Japan’s many gastronomic treasures, Kaiseki might be the most relaxing—and luxurious—way to dine. A fusion of Japanese haute cuisines drawing inspiration from warrior dishes to traditional tea ceremonies, this multicourse meal was the staple of Kyoto’s imperial class for over a millennium. Its present-day iteration is one of meticulous culinary mastery—an artful succession of carefully selected small plates intentionally sequenced by taste, texture and color. If you’re a newcomer to Japanese cuisine, this is the ideal means of sampling multiple diverse dishes served with a heaping portion of Japanese culture. Each chef will offer a different execution, but typical courses include appetizers followed by seasonal specials, sashimi, cooked or simmered dishes, a substantial rice course and dessert. Between courses are smaller dishes like soups and palate cleansers like pickled vegetables. 

Tuna Tataki
tuna tataki 

In Japan, there are an abundance of places to experience the kaiseki tradition for yourself, from trendy cafes to exclusive eateries seating only six patrons at a time. Without having to agonize over what to order or struggling to communicate in another language, kaiseki allows you to relax and let the chef serve the very best selection of perfectly balanced plates crafted with Michelin-grade artistry.

Fried Octopus
fried octopus on potato puree, green peas and fresh strawberries


Where to Stay 

The hotels below will surround you with a Zen-like calm as you immerse yourself in this ancient and beguiling country. Plus, you'll enjoy the bonus amenities available through these SELECT Hotels & Resorts. In Tokyo, vacationers have a choice of staying at 3 luxurious hotels in our SELECT program. Visitors to this metropolis can stay at the Andaz Tokyo, the first Hyatt hotel to open in the city and the second-tallest high-rise in the capital. Amenities include the AO Spa & Club on the 37th floor with a pool overlooking the Imperial Palace, the highest stand-alone wedding chapel for couples to tie the knot, and breathtaking views from rooftop bar.

Andaz Tokyo
andaz tokyo

Located in the business district of Marunouchi, The Peninsula Tokyo features a 314 luxurious, spacious guestrooms and suites with an electronic system that allows guests to control the room’s features with a touch of a button. Other on-site amenities include a state-of the-art spa, fitness facilities, and 5 restaurants serving traditional Cantonese cuisine, Japanese delicacies and more.

The Peninsula Tokyo
the peninsula tokyo

Another option for Tokyo visitors is the Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo, which is surrounded by some of the city’s most popular shopping areas. The hotel provides private transfer to and from any train boarding platform at the Tokyo Station. This hotel’s 200 spacious rooms occupy the top 11 floors of Marunouchi Trust Tower Main building, and all rooms provide striking views of the city. The 6 exclusive suites and 31 Horizon Club rooms are all located on the top floors and overlook sweeping views of the Imperial Palace or Tokyo Bay.

Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo
shangri-la hotel tokyo

For travelers in Osaka, we recommend the Ritz-Carlton Osaka, 5-star hotel located in the prestigious Nishi-Umeda district. This lavish hotel includes the Ritz-Carlton Spa, a 450-piece art and antique collection, a spa and 291 impeccably designed accommodations, including 18 Executives Suites, 63 Club rooms, 2 Japanese Suites and 2 Ritz-Carlton Suites. There are also 6 on-site restaurants & bar, including Michelin-starred French restaurant La Baie.

Ritz Carlton Osaka
Ritz-carlton osaka

While visiting Kyoto, consider staying in the heart of the city at the Hyatt Regency Kyoto, located near the Sanjusangendo Temple and Kyoto National Museum. This hotel décor blends contemporary Japanese style with traditional design elements. Guests can indulge in on-site innovative, stylish restaurants and bar, as well as the Shiatsu, acupuncture, moxibustion and aromatherapy treatments featured at the Riraku Spa.

Ready to play your serene vacation to Japan? Let one of Vacation’s on-call travel experts match you with a travel agent, who can customize your dream itinerary, including a luxurious stay at a property featured in our SELECT Hotels & Resorts program.

Hyatt Regency Kyoto
hyatt regency kyoto