How to Make the Most of Your Trip to Thailand Without Breaking the Bank

5 Things to Do on Phi Phi Island for Under $10

Brrr! The thought of winter sticking around for another three to four months is mind numbing. All we can think about is how nice it sounds to be on an exotic island basking in warm weather. Well, it’s summertime in Thailand, and in addition to being a beautiful vacation destination, it’s also affordable. Vacation reveals what a few dollars will buy you on one of Thailand’s most exquisite islands. From fire dancing to enjoying a traditional Thai massage, here are five unique experiences that cost $10 USD or less on Phi Phi Island.

5. Hike to Phi Phi Viewpoint

This brisk 20 to 30-minute hike will be well worth the effort! Hike up hundreds of narrow stairs on twisting paths. Once at the top you will enjoy views over Dalum and Tonsai bays at 590 feet above sea level. Go in the late afternoon when it’s a little cooler and you can catch an amazing sunset. Bring your wallet… they will charge you around $1 to venture to the top of the lookout. If you’re dehydrated and hungry from the hike, at the top, Pee Pee Viewpoint has water, soft drinks and snacks. And don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the amazing, Instagram-worthy panoramic views.

Vacation's travel specialists can help you plan an unforgettable trip to Phi Phi Island, Thailand.
Lovely Lookout: Hike to the top of this popular viewpoint for amazing panoramic views of Dalum and Tonsai bays.

4. Kayak to Monkey Beach and Feed the Monkeys

Feeling adventurous? Go kayaking to Monkey Beach (Ao Ling), nestled in a cove northwest of Loh Dalum Bay. Kick start your 15-minute adventure from the bay, where you can rent a kayak for a few hundred baht or about $5 for a 2-hour rental. Beach access for the bay is free and it’s also home to a colony of long-tailed macaques, also known as crab-eating macaques. Dozens of tourists visit and feed the monkeys every day, which make them tourist-friendly.  Make sure you bring peanuts or bananas to feed the monkeys, especially if you want to snap a few photos of them eating out of your hand or climbing on your legs. We did mention they are super friendly, right?

3. Catch a Fire Dancer Show

After sunset, scan the beach for the free 1½- to 2-hour fire shows, typically scheduled every night around 8pm. Check out an entertaining show in front of Slinky Bar. Dancers throw fire 40 feet into the air, perform with fiery hula hoops, create human pyramids while spinning fire batons and much more. These adrenaline-pumping demonstrations are the perfect start to a fun night.

Vacation's travel specialists can help you plan an unforgettable trip to Phi Phi Island for a fire dancing show!
Phi Phi Hot Spot: Visit Slinky Bar to watch fire dancers perform with fiery hula hoops, batons and a jump rope.

2. Watch an Amateur Muay Thai Fight

Muay Thai fighting is an important part of the culture in this country, and it’s an event you should add to your to-do list. While on Phi Phi Island, stop by the Phi Phi Reggae Bar around 11 p.m. to get the full Muay Thai experience. The pub offers a variety of prizes to entice tourists to step into the center ring to try Muay Thai kickboxing against other brave contestants. This place is bursting with energy, loud music and the jubilant roars from the audience. For less than $5, get a bucket-sized cocktail. If you’re brave enough to step into the ring and win, you’ll receive a free “bucket” cocktail. Apparently, buckets are used for more than making sandcastles in Phi Phi.

Vacation's travel specialists can help you plan an unforgettable trip to Phi Phi Island to see a Muay Thai match.
Muay Thai Swagger: Step into the center ring against an opponent to win a free bucket-sized cocktail or just watch the pros flex their kickboxing skills.

1. Relax with a World-Famous Thai Massage

After a fun night out on the town or long day exploring the island, you could use a relaxing massage, right? Well, there are several places on Phi Phi Island that offer massages. After you select the right massage parlor, choose among a few options, including a traditional Thai massage or a foot, hand and head, neck & shoulder massage. A half hour massage will cost $5, but we suggest splurging for an hour with the masseuse for $9.

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Vacation's travel specialists can help you plan an unforgettable trip to Phi Phi Island for a traditional Thai massage.
Thai Massage: Try a traditional Thai scrub treatment after a long day of exploring Phi Phi Island.