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Caribbean Cruises That Provide the Perfect Island Life

Princess Cruises Offers the Ultimate Caribbean Island Vacation


Nothing seems to hit the spot all year-round like a beach. Whether your family is looking for a refreshing break away from the sweltering summer heat, or using your spring break to escape from ice storms and frigid weather, everyone can agree that the tropical life is always a welcome break from real life. And, the islands of the Caribbean set the gold standard for family-friendly beaches worth exploring.

Of course, there’s a difference between just visiting the islands, and truly immersing yourself in the Caribbean state-of-mind. Fortunately, cruise lines are constantly refining everything from their culinary offerings to the onboard activities designed to help you and your family experience the true essence of island life.   

No Two Islands are Alike

Deciding which cruise line is equipped for exploring the Caribbean can be a tough decision; after all, each has its own approach to immersion. With that being said, Princess Cruises has one of the most unique approaches to cruise offerings, as they tailor their itineraries by the region of Caribbean they’re visiting. This level of detail allows you to decide ahead of time just what kind of Caribbean adventure your family is looking to experience. 

Couple having a drink on a beach in the Caribbean.
Caribbean Experience: Princess Cruises has refined everything from their culinary offerings to the onboard activities to keep you and your family in the Caribbean state-of-mind. 

Eastern Caribbean – The quintessential Caribbean trip, Princess’ Eastern Caribbean cruise offers ports at the iconic shores of St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Princess Cays® – all of which host some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. With local amenities offering every kind of beach activity imaginable, in addition to MedallionNet™ high-speed Wi-Fi being available throughout the entirety of Princess Cays®, this is the perfect option for the family looking to make memories splashing at a beautiful beach and soaking up the sun.

Western Caribbean – A world of rich culture and history is the theme at ports like Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Belize. With this itinerary, you can expect to gain substantial knowledge on the colorful local customs and timeless traditions with every outing off the ship. Whether you’re exploring the Mayan ruins of Cozumel, snorkeling the coral reefs of pristine Belize, or immersing yourself in the friendly culture of Grand Cayman, your family is certain to collect a wealth of experiences leading to broadened perspectives, with the payoff for young ones being exponential over time.

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Tailored Itineraries: Princess Cruises' unique approach to cruise offerings allow you to tailor your itinerary by the Caribbean region; so you can decide what adventure your family wants to experience.

Southern Caribbean – Venturing well off the beaten path, the Princess’ Southern Caribbean Cruise is for the adventurous at heart. Offering deeper Caribbean exploration combined with some of the highest rated ports and UNESCO sites, this cruise is designed for you and your family to actually live the lifestyle. Visiting St. Lucia, Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire and Barbados, you’ll all enjoy lively cities with rich European influences that also offer stunning beaches and opportunities for relaxation. 

Additionally, should seven days on any of the above seem like too short of a trip, Princess Cruises is the largest provider of 10-day and longer Caribbean cruises. If you’re especially torn on choosing just one cruise, you can have the best of both worlds thanks to the 14-day cruise through both the East and West Caribbean: the extra time for exploration, immersion and adventure allows you and your family to create even more memories.

Celebrating the Islands, Between Islands

As with any good adventure, the journey is just as important as the destination. Thankfully, cruise lines recognize this, and offer plenty of exciting activities and events to keep families happily entertained during at-sea days. With Princess Cruises’ new onboard program, Rhythm of the Caribbean, you’ll be awash in tropical joy thanks to the Caribbean Festival, the Princess Sail Away Party, and plenty of local island entertainment right on board. If you’re looking for more hands-on experiences, you’ll love taking the steel-pan drum classes or making friends with some colorful characters at Parrots in the Piazza. 

Family learns how to play the steel drums
Caribbean Festival: Princess Cruises' new onboard program, Rhythm of the Caribbean keeps families entertained at sea with Caribbean Festival, the Princess Sail Away Party and plenty of local island entertainment. 

Local Flavors, International Waters

The flavors of the Caribbean are some of the most vibrant in the world; as such, Princess Cruises has elevated its offerings to match its menus of authentic cuisine with island cocktails crafted with local ingredients by expert mixologists and regional rum-tasting opportunities. Every culinary experience onboard promises to be as flavorful and savory as any had on the islands.

Meticulously prepared fish on a plate
Caribbean Flavors: Princess Cruises has elevated its onboard culinary experience to be as flavorful and savory as any had on the islands.  

Island Adventures While at Sea

If you’re looking to do more with your cruise experience than lounge poolside or party at the Caribbean Festival, you’re in luck: Princess Cruises offers a wide range of onboard adventures for all ages of inquisitive adventurers! Discover the thrills of an aquatic life from the Stories of the Deep-Sea series with candid tales and lessons from shipwreck hunters, shark divers and real-life treasure hunters. Additionally, families will definitely want to check out the score of pirate-themed kid’s activities, the awe-inspiring Voyage to the Stars planetarium experience and Jawsome with Tory Belleci from Mythbusters; all are certain to add an extra dimension to your family vacation through the tropics.  

With all this said, all that’s left to be done is deciding which slice of Caribbean adventure is perfect for you!

Children engaged in the Shark Discovery experience on Princess Cruises.
Adventures at Sea: Discover the thrills of an aquatic life from Stories of the Deep series with candid tales and lessons from shipwreck hunters, shark divers and real-life treasure hunters.

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