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The 5 Rules to Follow for Solo Traveling

A Quick Checklist for the Perfect Solo Trip

So, you’ve decided to treat yourself and take your me-time worldwide. Great! Solo travel is an increasingly prominent trend these days, partly thanks to the realization that it provides the summit of self-indulgence and self-discovery. There’s just one minor predicament: you’ve never traveled alone before.

As immense as the world is, some tips and tricks translate no matter where you’re heading. To guarantee your vacation goes as smoothly as possible—no hitch, snag, speed bump or hiccup in sight—here are 5 absolute rules to solo traveling. 

Pack Light

The benefits of packing light are twofold. First and foremost—the ease. At any point that your luggage is not within your abode-away-from-home, it is in transition. As one singular person, it is far easier to transport one suitcase on and off planes, taxis, trains and ships than it is to transport three or four. 

The second benefit is safety. Unless the purpose of your trip calls for it, you can probably do without expensive jewelry, electronics and various other (bulky) valuables. This isn’t to say that the world is a scary place and you shouldn’t trust humanity; just that a pinch of caution goes a long way. Ultimately, one less thing to keep track of is one less thing to worry about. 

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pack light - As a solo traveler, you should pack light and avoid packing bulky valuables to make it easier for you to transport your suitcase on and off planes, trains, taxis and ships.

Start Your Days Early

As tempting as it may be to sleep in on vacation, you know the saying—the early bird gets the worm. By starting your day bright and early, you can beat both the local and visiting crowds. As enchanting as a foreign country or far away land may be, the magic is exponentially greater when you have the quaint café or the world-renowned landmark nearly all to yourself. 

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early start - Plan ahead and wake up early to explore your dream destination, which sometimes allows you to avoid crowds and cover more in one day.

Steer Clear of Getting Sick

As miserable as it is to come down with a stomach bug or flu, the experience is a good degree worse when you’re all alone and far away from home. Steering clear of sickness requires simple, but constant, vigilance. Constantly washing your hands, getting a good amount of sleep, staying hydrated and maintaining a regular exercise regimen are all tried-and-true tips for keeping your body up and running. Depending on where you plan to visit, getting all of your shots and upping your intake of probiotics ahead of time also pays off substantially in the long run.

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Stay healthy - Solo travelers should maintain a regular exercise regimen, drink water to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and constantly wash your hands to stay healthy during your trip.

Live in the Present

In this day and age, social media is all-present and all-consuming. You’re not not going to post a life-changing trip for all your friends and family to see—that would be insanity. But, make it a rule to save your posting for the end of the day, after you’ve really, truly experienced all of the moments for yourself. Additionally, limit yourself to one good photo per incredible experience, then stay off your phone for the rest of the moment. This way, you’re experiencing an incredible moment in its entirety, rather than through the pixelated filter of your phone screen. 

Man at the top of a mountain overlooking a river and mountain range.
Digital detox - Unplug while sightseeing so that you live in the moment and you fully appreciate every unique moment of your dream solo trip. You can always wait until the end of the day to post those jaw-dropping photos. 

Partner with a Travel Agent

Of all the preparations and precautions you could possibly take with your trip, nothing will ever top having a dedicated travel agent on your side. The benefits are numerous and multi-faceted, upgrading every moment of your trip from start to finish. Professional guidance steers you clear of potential predicaments before you find yourself in them, industry connections allow for a wealth of amenities and perks you didn’t even know you were missing and most importantly—peace of mind knowing your travel agent is there to make sure your itinerary goes smoothly from start to finish allows for you to truly live in the moment. Summed up, the most important part to traveling alone is teaming up with an expert.

Inspired by this article and want to speak with an expert travel agent about planning your first solo trip? Let one of Vacation’s on-call travel experts match you with an expert travel agent, who can customize the dream itinerary that you deserve.

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consult a travel agent - Connect with a travel agent to help you plan your solo vacation. An expert travel specialist can take care of the details while you daydream about your trip... stress free!