Let a Vacation travel expert help you plan an amazing river cruise with Avalon Waterways!

How River Cruises Keep Guests Engaged with Unique Experiential Journeys

Customize Your Luxury River Cruise on Avalon Waterways


A river cruise is the perfect way to get an immersive perspective of the world around you as you travel down world-renowned rivers, such as the Danube, Rhone or Rhine. Everyone travels to see new things, but many travel to do new things, too! From a climbing trip up to a medieval castle, to hiking in the forest, to tasting locally produced cheese and beer at an ancient abbey – you can tailor a vacation to suit your interest and pace. If you’re planning a river cruise… Vacation is here to help you with your daunting task, and assist in cutting through the clutter of cruise line options. Chart your own course and consider a cruise with Avalon Waterways, where you select tours, activities, and events that interest you. Here’s how you can experience your cruise your way.

Embrace Relaxed Luxury in Your Suite and Beyond

Most river cruises feature hop-on hop-off excursions to visit the historical sites in cities and towns along the way, but Avalon Waterways differentiates themselves from competitors by offering unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. And guests aboard these luxury river cruises can stay in a suite that features an open-air balcony and a bed that faces the floor-to-ceiling windows for jaw-dropping, panoramic views you’re unlikely to experience anywhere else. This river cruise experience extends beyond your suite with high-end amenities – including a whirlpool on the SkyDeck, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and four-course dining experiences – to make you feel comfortable in relaxed luxury. 

Let a Vacation travel expert help you plan an amazing river cruise with Avalon Waterways.
Cruise with a View: In addition to the Panorama Suite®, guests on an Avalon Waterways river cruise get amazing views from the Skydeck.

Explore New Destinations with Local Experts on History and Heritage

One of the best things about cruising is that you have the ability to see more places and do more than you would if you were staying in one location. That’s why Avalon Waterways has friendly local experts to greet you at every port and guide you through the history and heritage of local destinations. Avalon’s Active Discovery river cruises allow travelers to explore the culture, sights and adventures waiting  beyond the shore in the most active, engaged and fun ways imaginable. This provides guests with multiple opportunities to do more than the traditional sightseeing tour. For example, take the Active Discovery cruise on the Danube River, and enjoy a guided sightseeing tour of Vienna, including a stop at Belvedere Palace to see Gustav Klimt’s renowned “Kiss” painting. And cruising along the Rhone, guests can meet a local bullfighter in Arles, France, to learn about the secrets and traditions handed down through generations.

Let a Vacation travel expert help you plan an amazing river cruise with Avalon Waterways.
Classic Sightseeing: Meet a local expert guide at every port to give you an immersive history lesson about the cities and small towns along way. 

Engage in Immersive, Interactive Activities to Expand Your Cultural Knowledge

For a more engaging experience, guests should consider the Discovery option on an Avalon Active Discovery river cruise. Participate in activities designed to speak to your interests – from cooking classes, to painting workshops – and to immerse yourself in each culture you explore. Set your own course on a cruise along the Rhine. Visit Cologne’s Chocolate Museum to learn the process of chocolate production; end your guided walk through the historic Old Town of Eltville am Rhein with a wine tasting; and in Amsterdam, take a painting class to learn master techniques to create your art on canvas and tap into your inner artist.

Let a Vacation travel expert help you plan an amazing river cruise with Avalon Waterways.
Painting Techniques: Tap into your inner artist and learn master techniques as part of a painting class as an excursion in Amsterdam. 

Stay Active on Action-Packed Excursions that Offer a Different Perspective

For cruisers who crave adventure, Avalon features an Active option that allows you to embark on energetic excursions to keep you in motion and on the go – from a guided jogging tour in Amsterdam to biking, paddling and hiking your way through scenic locales. At some point, you have to burn off those calories from those tasty meals on board, right? Consider a guided hike through the idyllic landscapes and forests around Duisburg, Germany, while cruising along the Rhine; take a guided tour and paddle a canoe in Spitz to see the Austrian waterways and shoreline scenery from a different perspective; or go spelunking in Viviers, France, for a surprising underground wine tasting with an expert speleologist (cave guide) and oenologist (wine-making expert). 

Let a Vacation travel expert help you plan an amazing river cruise with Avalon Waterways.
Stay Active While Cruising: Paddle a canoe on a guided tour to see Austrian waterways and the scenic shoreline as an active excursion in Krems, Austria, located on the Danube. 

The Choice is Yours

Whether you’re interested in the new 8-day cruise along the Rhone river from Arles to Lyon, or an 8-day cruise along the Rhine from Wiesbaden to Amsterdam, or a 9-day cruise along the Danube from Budapest to Linz – one of Vacation’s expert travel agents can help customize your cruising adventure with Avalon. So, pack your polos and pashminas! Embark on a casual, but luxurious journey along one of the world’s most scenic waterways with Avalon Waterways, and create memories from immersive cultural adventures that you’ll rave about long after journey. 

Inspired by this article and want to speak with an expert travel agent about how you can plan an unforgettable river cruise on Avalon Waterways? Let one of Vacation’s on-call travel experts match you with an expert travel agent to customize an itinerary you’re gonna love.

Let a Vacation travel expert help you plan an amazing river cruise with Avalon Waterways.
Rhine Hike: While you're cruising along the Rhine, consider taking a guided hike through the idyllic forests around Duisburg, Germany.